Port Dickson is a charming coastal town with a colourful history especially due to its past as a mining town. Battles were fought on its coastline and forts build to defend its inhabitants. Discover all these by paying a visit to these historical spots below.


Minangkabau (Photo Credit:


Army Museum (Muzium Tentera Darat)

Army Museum

Army Museum (Photo Credit:

The Army Museum is situated next to the base camp of the Port Dickson Malaysian Army. It is one of the latest attractions to open and it is worthwhile to pay a visit here. History buffs will be delighted to know that interesting displays include vehicles and aircrafts that were previously used by the Royal Malaysian Army and also a Communist Tunnel.


Fort Lukut

Fort Lukut (Photo Credit:

Fort Lukut (Photo Credit:

Raja Jumaat, a Bugis warrior built the fort in the year 1847 for the purpose of controlling the thriving tin trade that was ongoing in that area. Back in those days, the fort was impressively built with 200m long and 170m wide walls which were defended by a 5m deep moat surrounding the area in which sharp bamboo stakes were driven into the ground. However, time has not stood still for these artefacts and all that remains now is some foundation stones and walls. In its place is a recreational park and royal burial grounds that was developed to help promote tourism in Port Dickson.


Lukut Museum

Lukut Museum

Lukut Museum (Photo Credit:

In the same premises as Fort Lukut situated at the foothill is the Lukut Museum which has exhibits displaying historical and cultural relics dating back to Lukut’s mining era. At the museum, you can learn more about the interesting cultures and traditions of Lukut’s ethnic tribe, the Minangkabau. You will be intrigued to find that the Minangkabau celebrated women power in which they practiced the matrilineal heritage. Besides, various architectures in Negeri Sembilan is heavily influenced by the Minangkabau’s signature curved roof in the style of the ‘rumah gadang’. Another item of note is the artifacts that was discovered from the Dutch battleship, Nasau.


Fort Kempas

Stone Formations

Stone Formations (Photo Credit:



Megaliths (Photo Credit:

Fort Kempas is located approximately 35 km from Port Dickson in a little village called Keramat Ujung Pasir and is also known as Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex. Housing a tomb and several stone monuments, there is an aura of mystery surrounding the megaliths which resemble a spoon, rudder and sword respectively. The stones are believed to be imbued with magical properties, where one of the stones is alleged to be a lie detector. Meanwhile, the 14th century tomb belonging to an ancient Malay warrior that perished in battle is known as Keramat Sungai Udang and is honoured as a shrine.


Wan Loong Temple

Wan Loong Temple

Wan Loong Temple (Photo Credit:

Literally meaning ‘Dragon from the Clouds’, Wan Loong Temple is the go-to temple for devotees of Kuan Yin the Goddess of Mercy and Monkey King. Besides these, there are several other Chinese deities as well. This temple is hard to miss with its impressive architecture and stately walls, with strategic location just opposite the PD World Marina Resort. The temple is steeped in decades of history. Visitors are advised to conduct their tour quietly as there are prayers going on throughout the day. Locals name the temple Hoon Leong Temple, which is another variation of the name.