One of the most appealing factors that draw the massive amount of travellers to Port Dickson is the numerous beaches that are accessible to them. Each beach possesses its own unique charm and you can choose which beach to visit when you are holidaying there. Most of them has conveniently ready accommodation nearby while some are relatively undisturbed for those that prefer to spend some time just relaxing on the soft sand or exploring the landscape located there. Follow the trail of beaches starting from Tanjung Gemuk all the way to Tanjung Tuan to discover all the beaches or just choose one to sit back and soak up some sun rays.

Port Dickson Beach in the Evening

Port Dickson Beach in the Evening (Photo Credit:


Beach View

Beach View (Photo Credit:


Tanjung Gemuk

Tanjung Gemuk

Tanjung Gemuk (Photo Credit:


Tanjung Gemuk Beach

Tanjung Gemuk Beach (Photo Credit:

Located on the northern side of Port Dickson town centre, lodgings nearby are Glory Beach Resort and the Lexis Hotels. It’s the perfect beach if you like some quiet time away from the crowds with calm seas. This beach has a paved walkway where casuarina trees provide some much needed shade along its stretch of sand with the added bonus of small playgrounds that the kids will love. You can spot some enthusiastic local fishermen around here as well. Check out the turtle hatchery in front of Glory Beach Resort where turtle eggs are hatched and kept there until they are suitably sized to be released in the wild. If you are not staying at one of the resorts nearby, this beach can be accessed by driving along the main road while keeping a lookout for the exit to Tanjung Gemuk and from there just drive around the houses until you spot the beach.


Saujana Beach

Saujana Beach

Saujana Beach (Photo Credit:


Camping on Saujana Beach

Camping on Saujana Beach (Photo Credit:

This soft stretch of sand is popular with day-trippers and families alike. Approximately 1 km long, there are many amenities available here with food stalls, toilets with showers, and parking lots. Water sports activities here are a big hit with jet-skis, banana boats and speed boats available. Setting up a camp here is a common activity and you can find kites for sale here as the wind conditions are favourable for this activity. When the sun sets over the horizon, street lamps provide enough light for couples who wish to go for a romantic stroll along the beach. Avillion Beach Resort is located here if you wish to stay nearby.


Cahaya Negeri Beach

Cahaya Negeri Beach

Cahaya Negeri Beach (Photo Credit:


Cahaya Negeri Beach Afternoon

Cahaya Negeri Beach Afternoon (Photo Credit:

Only 7 km from Port Dickson town, this beach is crowded with beachgoers on peak periods. There are a number of accommodations that you can choose from to stay along its shoreline. Gentle waves lap along the powdery sand while activities here include a recreational park along the eastern side and a bridge that leads you to a nearby mangrove island. The bridge is also known as ‘Lovers Bridge’ and is known as a good spot to get a panoramic view of the sea with your partner. Explore Pulau Burung if you’ve always wanted to see how a mangrove looks like.


Teluk Kemang

Teluk Kemang

Teluk Kemang (Photo Credit:


Teluk Kemang Beach

Teluk Kemang Beach (Photo Credit:


Teluk Kemang is widely known as the busiest beach in Port Dickson as they have many food stalls here creating a market-like environment. This beach is not for those who value privacy and solitude, instead, drop by this beach for its happening atmosphere where you will be torn between participating in the many water activities, sampling the assorted delicious local food, or just generally exploring the surroundings.

Teluk Kemang Esplanade

Teluk Kemang Esplanade (Photo Credit:


The authorities have built an open air area with a stage area for any shows and performances with an accompanying paved tourist park complete with parking lots, restrooms, refreshment stalls and souvenir shops. During weekends and holidays, crowds flood the beach for some fun in the sun. when the sun rays are too hot to handle, you can take cover by renting a gazebo or retreat into the covered stalls for a good meal.


Pantai Purnama       

Pantai Purnama

Pantai Purnama (Photo Credit:


Pantai Purnama Evening

Pantai Purnama Evening (Photo Credit:


Pantai Purnama literally means Moonlight Beach and is an isolated beach that is concealed away from the hectic main road. During the day, the beach is mostly empty but when night falls, many people come here for a romantic rendezvous or just to bask in the warm sunlight with the soundtrack of the waves on the beach. If you continue sightseeing, you will find that above the beach, there is a little park with gazebos for people to rest and take in the gorgeous view of the sea. Thistle Port Dickson is one of the nearby hotels serving this stretch of beach.


Pantai Cermin

Pantai Cermin

Pantai Cermin (Photo Credit:


Pantai Cermin Sunrise

Pantai Cermin Sunrise (Photo Credit:

Similar to Teluk Kemang, the sand here is more of the ochre variety instead of the white sand that you are accustomed to. However, this beach is nothing like its popular brother, instead it’s a place for some solitude. Head over to the eastern corner of Pantai Cermin for a look of its foliage. The mangroves and rainforest nearby gives the place a wild, untamed guise but it is said that this place has the best view when the sun rises. if you can rouse yourself awake in the wee hours of the morning, check out the sunrise and you will find out why this place is literally called Mirror Beach. Neighbouring its shores is the Blue Lagoon while diagonally opposite is Cape Rachado, otherwise known as Tanjung Tuan.


Pantai Bagan Pinang                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Pantai Bagan Pinang

Pantai Bagan Pinang (Photo Credit:


Pantai Bagan Pinang View

Pantai Bagan Pinang View (Photo Credit:


If you dislike the crowds at Teluk Kemang but do not want to be entirely alone, come over to Pantai Bagan Pinang. The sands here are not often crowded, even on weekends and public holidays. The accommodations here include Corus Paradise Resort and Hotel Seri Malaysia. A river which is popular with fishermen runs through the northern end before finally ending up at the sea. Clean white sand and calm waters allow tourists to frolic in the surf while there is a limited amount of water sports that you can enjoy here. There are a few facilities prepared here for visitors as well.


Blue Lagoon (Pantai Tanjung Biru)

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon (Photo Credit:


Blue Lagoon Low Tide

Blue Lagoon Low Tide (Photo Credit:

Blue Lagoon is situated next to Cape Rachado, where the distance from Port Dickson town is approximately 17km south. Surrounded by lush flora and fauna, you might be lucky enough to spot some wildlife wandering around as the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve is also close by. The popularity of this beach is partly due to the fact that it has particularly shallow waters. This means that when the tide is low, the many mudflats and sandbanks can be seen thus causing the surrounding sea into little pools of water. Families with children love to walk out to these sandbanks where you can reach quite a distance with only knee-deep waters.


Tanjung Tuan

Tanjung Tuan Beach

Tanjung Tuan Beach (Photo Credit:


Tanjung Tuan

Tanjung Tuan (Photo Credit:

Cape Rachado is also known as Tanjung Tuan by the locals and is well-known because of its historical lighthouse. As it contains a wildlife reserve centre, there is not much development done here to leave it as natural as possible. Mother Nature rules the roost here on Tanjung Tuan with the dense forests, sparklingly clear waters and glittering white sand that looks like a picture-perfect postcard image. Swimming is not encouraged on this beach as you do so with the risk of hurting yourself on the sharp rocks under water. Unlike other beaches, tourists have to trek through the forest to access several pockets of secluded beaches. The lighthouse located at the peak is definitely a must-see and the hike is about 1km uphill from the entrance to Tanjung Tuan. At the tip of the headlands, the most popular beach is Pulau Intan which is absolutely scenic.


Teluk Pelanduk

Teluk Pelanduk

Teluk Pelanduk (Photo Credit:


Teluk Pelanduk Sunset

Teluk Pelanduk Sunset (Photo Credit:

Keen anglers can gather at Teluk Pelanduk situated about 18km south from PD town centre where there is a mangrove island connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge. This island is widely known as a great fishing spot with a small fishing village nearby. Due to its coarse sands and rough, pebble-lined shores, swimming is not recommended. If you want to buy fresh fish, the fishing boats here sell their daily catch off their boats.