Beach lovers alert! Looking for a quick weekend holiday to escape away from it all in luxurious, nature-filled surroundings? Port Dickson is a well-known travel location that is popular with domestic and international tourists, especially Singaporeans. It doesn’t have to be just another beach vacation, instead why not try booking a stay in a lovely water chalet. Visualize yourself sleeping out in the open seas, with the soothing lullaby of the ocean gently serenading you to sleep. The mild sea breeze stirs up your hair and caresses your face as you drift off into slumber land. This is part of what you will experience when staying in a water chalet, where the rooms are placed on stilts high above the waters. Chalets provide a sanctuary away from bustling city life, allowing one to get in touch with nature as they are generally nestled within a verdant green environment and often facing the clear blue seas, this feature is especially true for water chalets. In Port Dickson, you will find that water chalets are popular accommodation types with tourists who visit this place mainly because it is a seaside destination. This means that there is a big target market that attracts developers to build chalets.


One of the perks of staying in a water chalet is you get to enjoy the cool sea breeze every morning in the privacy of your very own balcony while feasting your eyes on the spectacular view of the ocean. If you are lucky, you might be able to secure a room with picturesque views of the sunrise or sunset over the horizon. This adds bonus points if you are part of a couple on a romantic getaway. What could be more enchanting than admiring the view together as you loosen up and unwind on the balcony. Depending on the timing, it is also a great place to have a delicious breakfast or candlelight dinner. Port Dickson water chalets are usually part of a resort, or wholly providing just chalets as accommodation hence the service and facilities will definitely be up to par. They come armed with all the modern conveniences to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


Port Dickson water chalets are not only for couples; groups of families or friends will find that there are many other types of chalets that cater for parties of 3 or more as well. Ideal for beach bums or perhaps those who just love the tranquil atmosphere of the sea, water chalets in Port Dickson provide the opportunity for you to revel in nature-filled surroundings. You can pass the day lazing around doing nothing but contemplating life’s mysteries while staring out on the mesmerizing glassy turquoise sea on your water chalet. If lazing around is not your cup of tea, then you can participate in various water activities on the numerous beaches along Port Dickson’s coastline to get your adrenaline pumping. Some water chalets also come with their own private beaches where you don’t have to mix with the rest of the public who throng through Port Dickson. Best of all, after all these activities, you can rest your weary body in your airy and spacious room on the super comfy beds.


Beautiful and opulent Port Dickson chalets come with a matching price tag, so do keep in mind that you will be shelling out more than for your usual run-of-the-mill hotel rooms. However, the blissful experience of staying a few nights in these unique chalets is priceless and worth every cent spent. Lexis Port Dickson is a prime example of a chalet that offers a splendid view of the Straits of Malacca, all from the private balcony available in every room. In addition, the open concept bathroom comes complete with a bathtub and a clear solid glass panel which lets you take in the wonderful sight of the seawaters below especially for signs of marine life. Inspired by Indonesia’s Bali Island tropical beauty, Lexis Port Dickson architecture embodies comfort and sophistication that is bound to refresh tired minds and souls. You certainly can’t put a price tag on that!


If all the above sounds like your dream vacation, then wait no more, take a look at the helpful articles we have here to start preparing for your holiday to Port Dickson. We provide great tips to help you choose the best water chalet in Port Dickson that fulfils your requirements so you don’t have to do all the tedious research yourself. With year-round sunshine, Port Dickson is the ideal place for a sunny beach holiday for that needed rest and relaxation. There’s plenty to do in Port Dickson, no matter if you are idle on the beach or throw yourself wholeheartedly into vigorous water sports. After all, once in a while we all need a little respite from the hectic urban lifestyle and take the time to smell the roses, or in this case it’s the salty sea.