Hotels and Resorts in Port Dickson

As the supply of tin ore diminished in the 1990s, the former sleepy little fishing and mining town of Port Dickson, grew naturally to become a tourist hotspot due to its beautiful beaches. In 2012, Port Dickson catered to half a million visitors from around the world, with numbers surpassing 50,000 visitors a day during the peak seasons. With the abundance of tourists visiting each year, many types of accommodations have sprung up along the coastline, ranging from hotels, resorts, chalets to villas, playing a huge part in providing visitors with memorable experiences. There are plenty of choices for travellers looking for different kinds of experiences. Port Dickson is also known for being a very value-for-money beachside vacation so you can rest assure that there will be suitable accommodations for all budget ranges.


Port Dickson is one of the best places to head to for some rest and relaxation away from the daily grind of life. Loyal sun-worshippers are bound to be delighted by the numerous beaches that are awash with warm golden sunlight with the waves gently dousing the soft sandy beaches. If you are looking for peace and quiet, look for secluded resorts that have private beaches which cater especially for purposes such as this. However, for adrenaline junkies, basking in the sun and idling by the beach may not be your cup of tea. Fear not, there are popular, buzzing beaches that have an abundance of stimulating water sports that will give you that needed adrenaline boost. Get ready to explore and try out all the various activities available in Port Dickson.


The accommodations are built with tourists’ comfort and convenience in mind, which means that guests will find entertainment, shopping and food within easy reach, sometimes just a short walk away. Famed for their 18km stretch of public and private beaches, the hotels, resorts, villas and chalets in Port Dickson are often found centrally situated in hot tourist spots all along the coastline. You do not have to worry that you will be stranded with no access to the creature comforts that you are used to. Bear in mind that hotel rates tend to increase during the peak periods of Malaysia’s national holidays as many local tourists also like to visit Port Dickson during these times. If you don’t like huge crowds, it is better to arrange your trip on days that do not coincide with national and school holidays.


To help holiday makers choose a suitable accommodation, check out our Port Dickson travel blog where we provide extensive guides on the types of lodgings for the discerning traveller. We will help you to narrow down to some choice places where you can rest your weary body after a whole day of fully partaking in all the activities that makes Port Dickson a much sought-after holiday destination. A good night’s sleep is essential to ensure that you will wake up as fresh as a daisy and ready for another day of glorious sunny vacation. Let us give you a hand in making your trip everything you have dreamed of, and more.