Singapore’s closest neighbour located up north is Malaysia, which lies just across the causeway where one can reach Johor, the southernmost state in Malaysia in less than an hour’s drive. Compared to Singapore, Malaysia covers a larger geographical area which results in more places to discover and travel around.

Famously known for their wonderful tropical beaches among other tourist destinations, there is much to enjoy and explore in Malaysia. Situated fairly near Singapore, Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan has always been a hit with Singaporeans mainly due to its close proximity with Malacca. Malacca attracts its fair share of tourists which indirectly influences the flow to Port Dickson and vice versa.

After a busy and satisfying day discovering historical Malacca, many tourists like to head to Port Dickson for much needed rest and relaxation on the soft, sandy beaches. As a result, many Singaporeans have decided to take the plunge and invest in the purchase of a vacation home in Port Dickson and its surrounding areas.   One of the chief reasons why seaside vacation spots have always been so popular is because of the irresistible pull of the surf and sand. After all, who doesn’t want to sit back on a beautiful beach with the big blue ocean in front of you, salty sea breezes caressing your hair and palm trees gently waving? If this is sounds like your idea of paradise, then Port Dickson is the place for you. The boom in travellers have caused many developers rushing in to build various types of accommodations all over Port Dickson.

There was a short hiatus when developing projects were abandoned during the economic crisis in the late 1990s but which has now been revived. The tourism in Port Dickson is still going strong presently. Lodgings have sprung up all along Port Dickson’s coastline, offering travellers the choice of selecting which beach they want to wake up to.  The process of narrowing down the plethora of choices available and finally settling on that one particular hotel can be rather daunting. Most hotels in Port Dickson are strategically located for the ease and convenience of travellers, or perhaps just a short drive away from the nearest hot spots. This is one of the biggest advantages in choosing to stay in a hotel. Don’t have a car? Ask the concierge at your hotel about transport arrangements and they will be more than happy sort it out for you.

As with many things in life, the key deciding factor when choosing a Port Dickson hotel is your budget. If you have the cash, or are willing to splurge on something fancy, go for the sumptuous, premium hotels for the ultimate pampering experience. By paying a little more, you get to enjoy first-rate rooms at a delightful hotel that emphasizes comfort and convenience. It is simply perfect for couples looking for a fuss-free getaway where the service is outstanding and the facilities are superb. Rooms are furnished with the well-being of guests as an utmost priority. After sleeping like a baby all night long on the super cozy bed, wake up to the awe-inspiring sight of the rays of sun bouncing of the clear blue sea and warming up the golden beach. A great start to your morning will definitely make a great start to your day.

Budget-wise, if you wish for something more wallet-friendly, there are plenty of other hotels in Port Dickson that will make your stay just as pleasant although the fixtures and fittings will definitely not be as fancy as premium hotels. These hotels are perfect for those who love hanging out by the beach the whole day and just need a basic room to crash and sleep at the end of a purposeful day of basking in one of Port Dickson’s many beaches soaking up the sun and sea. Usually popular with those who prefer more practical surroundings, these guests do not rate the importance of ambience of the room high on their list. Do your research carefully and who knows, you might be able to pick up awesome hotel room discounts on the fly and score yourself some great rooms for a fraction of the original price.

With the myriad choices of Port Dickson hotels available out there, it is wise to first determine your budget as this will go a long way towards helping you pick your ideal hotel. Find the best hotel in Port Dickson that fits all your requirements and ensure that you will have a memorable beach holiday. The right hotel is essential for a good night’s sleep so that you will wake up the next day all ready and raring to go enjoy yourself with the many activities available in Port Dickson. Read up on our blog to find out more on the different hotels available so that you can make a well-informed choice.

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