Date: Saturday, 3rd December 2016

Time: 9:45 – 10:30 pm

Revel in sheer exuberance and delight as soothing jazz undertones play in accordance. A night where Jazz acts converge and perform for your aural delight, this is a musical event not to be missed. They following acts are:

Joshua Davis

Whether it be through talking or carrying a tune; the voice of Joshua Davis is a soothing instrument: seasoned and pleasant, capable of moving droves of audiences effortlessly, through powerful vocals that resonate. Coupled with his earnest poetic discernment, ever energetic vibe and an unmatchable gift of bringing audiences together regardless of age.

Mathias Heise Quadrillion 

Mathias Heise is but one of very select jazz harmonica musicians in Denmark that’s gifted with a phenomenal talent of many layers. In 2013, at the age of 20, Mathias quickly rose to fame in the international stage when he won the Chromatic Harmonica World Championship in Trossingen, Germany. That wouldn’t be the only accolade that he picked up, as he was also voted 2015’s ‘New Jazz Star of The Year’ in Denmark.

Triple Standard

Triple Standard

A triple act that consists of George Nagata on the piano and beatbox, Daisuke Ito as the vocalist and beatbox, and Naoto Suzuki on guitar. The electric trio met back in 2012 for an impromptu live demo which was filmed and packaged as their album, “First Encounter”.  

Nicole Johaenntgen & Peter Finc

At just the tender age of six, Nicole Johaenntgen started taking  classical piano lessons and soon thereafter, she was scouted for her vast potential. Her early exposure to performance arts was with her dad’s band – “Joe Fuchs Band” at just thirteen years old. Nicole has since toured actively with the release of six albums in total. Multi-instrumentalist, Peter Finc, the other half of the duo, writers, produces, records and releases their tracks under the music label “DON’T ASK WHY RECORDS”.

Vladmir Cetkar

During his early adolescents, Vladimir Cetkar of Macedonian origins played the violin. Amazed by the soulful nature of funk, jazz, soul, disco bands and musicians of the ‘80s, he switched things up to guitar. Vladmir would later enroll in Berklee College of Music where he learned contemporary writing and production with his loyal companion, a jazz guitar.


Rotterdam’s very own fusion band, Marutyri’s profound and smooth grooves, impassioned harmonies, story based solo performances and the well-coordinated pieces, help give them a unique vocal signature in the music scene.

Timo Vollbrecht – Fly Magic

Saxophonist, Timo Vollbrecht crafts his musical melodies through the harmonious blend of unique stylizes and cultural variety. With his quartet, FLY MAGIC, he mixes parts from contemporary jazz, minimalism, post-rock, new music and experimental sounds that help elevate the music of Timo Vollbrecht to the upper echelons of the industry.

Kim Oki Band

“His appearance belies an achievement to the growth of Korean jazz which no one had anticipated and his album will be a classic to the genre.” Duk Ho Hwang, Music Critic.

Saxophonist Kim Oki is the abbreviation of Okinawa Kim, a nickname that YoungHoon Kim calls himself as he has a fondness for the beautiful landscapes and residents of Okinawa, Japan that believe in freedom and peace. During his youthful days, Kim was known for being a B-boy and also as a backup dancer for popular Korean acts such as Ku Bon Seung, Sech Kies. He was also heavily enamored by rock and hip-hop music which has clearly influence his unique spin on the genre.

James Boyle Trio feat. Liyana Fizi & Bihzhu

An act by the Penang Jazz Festival – The James Boyle Trio comprises of Liyana Fizi and Bihzhu who will be tasked with delivering songs from one of Penang’s most renown musical talents – The Late Jimmy Boyle. A trademark to honor Jimmy Boyle’s most memorable music will be performed none other than James Boyle himself.