Nightlife is quite limited as there are not much choices for partygoers. Instead, take the time to unwind by the beachside at night with a couple of beers you’ve brought and listen to the sound of the waves. Check out which resorts allow you to reserve a BBQ pit so that you can set up a BBQ with your friends and family. Alternatively, look for some fun in the resorts as most of them have bars, bistros and karaoke lounges where you can enjoy a good drink with some music. Most of these places are lively in the weekends and holiday seasons particularly during Malay holidays. Alcohol prices will be more expensive especially in hotel bars.

Cumulus, Thistle Port Dickson

Cumulus, Thistle Port Dickson (Photo Credit:


Karaoke at Grand Lexis

Karaoke at Grand Lexis (Photo Credit:

BBQ at the Beach

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PD Waterfront

PD Waterfront

PD Waterfront (Photo Credit:


At the town centre, authorities have developed a boulevard facing the sea which is styled as the entertainment and lifestyle hub of Port Dickson. Known as PD Waterfront, you can enjoy yourself strolling along the boardwalk where families and couples mingle together experiencing all the esplanade has to offer. While widely popular in the evenings, there are also plenty of activities to be had during the day such as shopping, dining, or even taking advantage of the water and games.

PD Waterfront Nightlife

PD Waterfront Nightlife (Photo Credit:


PD Waterfront Evening

PD Waterfront Evening (Photo Credit:

Development is targeted to be completed by 2020, whereby the plan for this area is that it will comprise of a water theme park, a variety of accommodations, duty-free zone, a maritime aquarium and a convention hall. The most exciting addition will be the proposed 1 km long cable car that will connect PD Waterfront to the nearby Pulau Arang. Nightlife in this integrated township is rather minimal, but there are a few bars and bistros available.