Port Dickson History

Port Dickson in Malaysia

Port Dickson in Malaysia (Photo Credit: ryanadnin.wordpress.com.my)


Before Port Dickson become renowned as a beach hotspot, she was a minor Malay village where the population was made up of mostly fishermen and traders. This little village used to be known as ‘Arang’ due to the carbon mine that located in the area. During the 1820s, Chinese immigrant miners began to flood Lukut, a town situated about 7km north of Port Dickson. Arang was then turned into a bustling port in the 1880s by Sir Frederic Dickson. The port was built in order to transport the abundance of tin ore that was mined from Sungai Ujong to Klang. Named after Sir Frederic Dickson, the sleepy little town soon evolved into a booming harbour linked with railways.

Sir Frederic Dickson

Sir Frederic Dickson (Photo Credit: mppd.gov.my)


Port Dickson in the Past

Port Dickson in the Past (Photo Credit: sportsmanagement.my)


After the tin ore dwindled in the nineties, the town’s naturally beautiful beaches paved the way for them to develop into a hopping beach destination attracting droves of tourists from Malaysia and Singapore. Calm seas and soft sands along the coastline provided many enterprising developers a golden opportunity to build luxury and budget lodgings to accommodate the swell of tourists. In fact, the tranquil beaches have prompted many Malaysians and Singaporeans to invest in holiday homes around Port Dickson.

Port Dickson Beach

Port Dickson Beach (Photo Credit: pd.com..my)


Port Dickson Development

Port Dickson Development (Photo Credit: pdwaterfront.com.my)


Port Dickson experienced a slump in tourism during the economic crisis in Asia but has since recovered and is still going strong with more upcoming developments. Affectionately known as PD by locals, this town boasts an 18 km stretch of public and private beaches extending from Tanjung Gemuk and ending at Tanjung Tuan. The ten major beaches at Port Dickson are Tanjung Gemuk, Saujana Beach, Cahaya Negeri, Teluk Kemang, Pantai Purnama, Pantai Cermin, Bagan Pinang, Tanjung Tuan, Blue Lagoon, and Teluk Pelanduk.


Port Dickson

Port Dickson (Photo Credit: travel-at-malaysia.com)


Port Dickson Evening

Port Dickson Evening (Photo Credit: tours.daleel-malaysia.com)