Port Dickson is a popular seaside location with the locals and international tourists, especially those who hail from down south, Singapore. This is due in part to it being one of the beachside vacation spots which has the closest proximity to Singapore, thus, a majority of its international tourists come from there. Most people choose to drive their own vehicles there as it is more convenient for them to get around the area. You can then explore every nook and cranny in Port Dickson to your heart’s content. Besides, if you are driving up from Singapore, you can even make a pit stop at any of the places you pass by such as Malacca. Malacca is about one and a half hours drive away from Port Dickson, so you can have your breakfast or lunch there and explore the surroundings for a while. From there, continue on your journey north towards Port Dickson in full anticipation of your sun-soaked vacation.

A lot of people escape on beach vacations to rest and rejuvenate themselves, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is important to recharge your batteries and occasionally take a breather from the frantic rat race of our lives. Where else is a better place to do that than at the serene, quiet surroundings of the sea and surf rolling gently into the sand. With the ample amount of lodgings available in Port Dickson, tourists will find that they can stay anywhere they fancy. Most Port Dickson hotels and resorts have their very own public swimming pools that you can lounge around while sipping on a glass of ice-cold beverage. Plan a family trip with little ones or a whole bunch of friends to make it an extra fun time. If you want something more intimate and don’t want to disturb other guests in the hotel, you can consider renting a room or chalet in Port Dickson with private pool. You get to spend your wonderful beach holiday on a balmy tropical paradise with friends and family.

Nothing quite like a private pool all to yourself

These kinds of Port Dickson hotels with private pool might cost slightly more than those hotels that do not have this facility, but if you want to have your very own gathering then it is well worth the extra you have to fork out compared to those that do not have private pools. Often, private pools are a sign of a hotel’s luxuriousness and extravagance in treating their guests. An example of a Port Dickson accommodation that provides this feature in every villa room is Grand Lexis Port Dickson. This resort has modern yet luxurious fixtures and fittings, ensuring that you will have a comfortable and pleasant stay. The rooms are outfitted in Balinese style, with stone, marble and hardwood flooring. The entire room’s decorations are designed to evoke a zen-like feeling for the guests to create a haven of peace and tranquility. The rooms are connected to each other by spacious boardwalks facing the open sea, allowing you to admire the grandness of the ocean beyond and also for you to easily access other facilities as well.


Looking outside its windows, one can greet the sea a cheery good morning every day. Watch the sun rays illuminate the sapphire blue waters while the sea breeze brings the tangy smell of the ocean to you.  How can you not be in a good mood when greeted with such a picturesque scene each brand new day? After a leisurely and sumptuous breakfast, wend your way over to your villa’s private swimming pool for a relaxing dip. Or you can just opt to bask in the golden life-giving sunlight as you wait for your food to digest without any disturbance from the general public. You literally have the whole pool to yourself, which you can fully utilize with your travelling party. You will also be surrounded by the fabulous tropical gardens that they are famous for. Grand Lexis Port Dickson is actually a great choice if you want to spend some alone time with your travelling party. Sounds like your dream vacation? It has got to be seen to be believed.


Since you are already planning a vacation to Port Dickson, you can allocate a bit more of your budget for accommodation to truly enjoy in plush and opulent surroundings. After all, there’s no price tag on having the ultimate luxury and privacy especially when you are looking to reinvigorate yourself. A refreshingly cool dip in your very own pool is just mere steps away, there is no crowd to fight, with a view of the sea in some villa rooms. You have the best of both worlds in Port Dickson, if you miss the camaraderie of other fellow vacationers then you can make your way to any of the beaches in Port Dickson. If you are craving solitude and some alone quality time, then retreat to your room and contemplate life while you are in your resort’s private pool. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling as an intimate couple on a romantic getaway or a big group of fun-loving friends on a much-awaited trip, you will find that choosing to stay in a Port Dickson hotel with private pool will be a rewarding experience.