Predominantly a beachside location, you can expect that most activities in Port Dickson will be focused on the water. You can try your hand at exhilarating leisure activities such as water-skiing, sailing or even kick back and relax on a boat while fishing.

Beach Activities

Beach Activities (Photo Credit:


Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club

Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club (Photo Credit:


Admiral Marina

Admiral Marina (Photo Credit:


The historical Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club was built in 1927 by several expatriates and is still standing strong today with at least 1,800 members. Travellers who fancy sailing can arrange with the Club to go on board a yacht or visit the premises and enjoy their many facilities. Otherwise, for observers, they can take a stroll at The Admiral Marina & Leisure Club and admire the luxury vessels that are docked there. Accommodation and numerous amenities are also conveniently available. It is also a transit point for several regattas amongst them namely the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta, Royal Langkawi International Regatta and Thailand’s Phuket Kings Cup Regatta.




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Avid fishermen can hire fishing guides to take them out for the day in their boats as beach fishing in Port Dickson is not encouraged. This is due to depleted fishing stocks around the area thus it is advisable to fish out in the open sea on a boat. However, if you do prefer beach fishing, take note that most fishes caught will be of the catfish variety where else out on the boat you will be able to catch other different types typically with tough, sturdy jaws and strong resistance.


Water Sports

Being the proud owner of any beaches, it is inevitable that there are many leisure activities to be had. While not all beaches provide these activities, there are several beaches you can go to utilize these services.

  • Water Skiing

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Water skiing is a fun and thrilling activity where you are supposed to skim over the smooth surface of the water wearing one or two skis while being pulled by a suitable boat. This water sport can be rather strenuous as skiers need to have a strong body so that they can stay upright while skiing over the water. One needs to be able to balance well on the skis as well. If you wish to try this, head over to Teluk Kemang or Saujana Beach to find this activity.

  • Snorkelling

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A relaxing, calming activity, snorkeling allows you to observe the great ocean and the aquatic life in its own habitat. Doing away with the hassle of scuba diving where you have to be equipped with all sorts of bulky apparatus and also extensive training, snorkeling requires very little effort. A big part of the appeal is that people of all ages can enjoy snorkeling should they wish to do so. Some resorts provide snorkeling equipment or you can stroll along the beaches to spot any stall that rents out the snorkeling masks.

  • Jet-skiing

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Perhaps you’ve been seeing a few beach holiday movies and always had the hankering to drive your own personal powerful jet ski out on the ocean. There’s nothing quite like gliding smoothly on the surf while making waves of your own. Riding a jet ski is often liken to driving motorcycle due to its uncovered sides. Jet skis are available for rent in the busier beaches where more enterprising locals have set up their own water sports stalls.

  • Canoeing

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Canoeing is also known as kayaking where everything is done manually on a light, narrow boat that is pointed on both ends. You have to possess rather strong upper body strength and if canoeing with a partner, make sure to time your movements together otherwise little progress will be made. This is a great activity especially if you want to improve the strength of your upper body.

  • Banana Boat
Banana Boat

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More of a water sled than an actual boat, the banana boat is a large, floating, inflatable tube that can seat up to ten riders. Generally, the banana boat operator will tow the riders on the tube out into the distance where the sea is deeper. Once there, he will make a sudden, abrupt turn and most riders will tumble into the water. This is the main attraction of rising a banana boat as the shrieking, laughing riders scramble to get up on the boat back to the shores.