Singapore is well-known for being a country with a fast, hectic pace of life. As soon as you set foot into this powerhouse of a country, you will find most citizens, regardless of age rushing from one place to the next. This is part of what makes Singapore one of the four Asian Tigers thereby cementing its success as a global commerce, financial and transport centre. This is not possible without Singapore’s greatest resource, the people of Singapore. However, every once in a while, a breather from life’s endless rat race is very much needed. This is also beneficial to recharge their mental and physical batteries. Due to the fact that Singapore is rather small, there are not much vacation opportunities on this island city-state. So, where can one go for a much needed short escape from the urban jungle? One of the best options is to look up north, towards Singapore’s closest neighbour, Malaysia, which is connected by less than one hour’s drive across the causeway to Johor.


Malaysia is famous for having a warm tropical climate much like Singapore but with many more holiday retreats, ranging from balmy beaches to the cool highlands, or even if you just want to indulge in a foodie trip. If you are looking for a near and affordable beach holiday, look no further than Malaysia’s very own Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan. It is a favourite stop for Singaporeans who also plan to travel to Malacca as they are located just an hour’s drive away from each other. Malacca is also renowned for being a Historic State with the additional advantage of having lots of delicious local food that is bound to tickle your taste buds. Depending on your preference, you can stop at Malacca before or after Port Dickson and explore its numerous beaches all along its 18km coastline. However, we recommend if you drive up from Singapore, stop for meals in Malacca then continue up to spend a few days in Port Dickson. After that, when you are heading back down south, stop at Malacca again to get your last taste of the mouth-watering cuisines and stay there to continue your exploration of the city.


Port Dickson has long been making a name for itself in Malaysia’s travel industry as a beach destination with local and international visitors alike. It comes as no surprise that many developers have rushed to capitalize on this honeypot, resulting in many types of accommodations being built for all kinds of travellers around the coast. Since it is a seaside destination, resorts are among the most sought after places to stay because of its relaxing atmosphere and comprehensive amenities which tends to be more complete compared to hotels. Generally speaking, guests who choose to stay in resorts are looking to pamper and spoil themselves. It is a vacation after all, and you definitely want to treat yourself to the very best and luxuriate in the extravagance that are available in the many resorts dotted around Port Dickson.


Because a resort takes up more land than a traditional hotel, you can expect a wider variety of services, amenities and activities available. Resorts are more focused on settling in a peaceful, natural environment so that guests can take time out from facing the omnipresent concrete jungle in their everyday life. A great example of a luxury Port Dickson resort is the Grand Lexis Port Dickson located at Tanjung Gemuk, along the second mile of Port Dickson. This haven of exclusivity is perfect for those who want to experience the complete beach resort experience. Every villa comes equipped with your very own private pool, set among beautifully designed gardens so you don’t have to share with the general public. The villas face the gorgeous open sea, which means that you can greet each new day with the magnificent view of the cerulean-blue sea, as the fiery sun begins its daily pilgrimage across the azure skies. Sounds like a dream? This is something that you’ve got to experience for yourself. Grand Lexis Port Dickson is the perfect place for travel-weary tourists to rejuvenate and revitalize their mind and body.


Feeling the pinch in your wallet when looking at pricey resorts? Not to fear, there are still plenty of other resorts in Port Dickson that are more affordable but still provide a wonderful experience. It is important to research on several factors such as the price, services provided, and also the location before determining which Port Dickson resort is the right place for your seaside retreat. Choosing to stay in resorts also gets you the best of both worlds as some resorts have constructed their own private beach located just a short distance within the resort area. These private beaches are set apart from the masses compared to public beaches available in Port Dickson and is a terrific place if you are looking for some peace and solitude. When you need fun and adventure, head over to one of the lively public beaches to get your fill of excitement.


Don’t worry if you are still agonizing over which Port Dickson resort to book when you are planning your trip to this seaside haven. We’ve got you covered, just check out our blog for more information and details before making your decision. Maximize your resort staying experience and at the end of the trip, you might not even feel like leaving. The biggest mistake you can make is accidentally or unknowingly choosing a place that will make for a less than great vacation. Browse through our helpful tips to make your trip exciting and unforgettable